Flooring, North Port

Wetherington Restoration and Remodeling is an installer of flooring in North Port.  Our professional flooring services include tile flooring, hardwood flooring as well as carpet.  We will remove your old flooring and install theFlooring Replacement beautiful floors of your dreams.  As a top North Port flooring company, Wetherington brings confidence to its clients through years of experience and the quality of work provided. Quality floors add value and comfort to any interior design. Let us help you choose the right floor for your home. We offer expert flooring installation, and free estimates. We use only the finest materials for your floors to turn your home into a place you and your family can be proud of.

How to Select a Perfect Floor

Whether you are choosing your new flooring while remodeling your home, or you need new flooring due to water damage, Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling can help you select the perfect floor. The flooring in your home covers a large area so selecting the correct type of flooring is an important decision. The flooring of your home should not only add elegance and style to every room, it should also fit your needs, function, and lifestyle.

Needs – Depending on the room and traffic flow in that area, your flooring choice can make a big difference.  If you have children, pets, or if it is a high traffic area, choosing a flooring that is easy to maintain and durable would be a good choice.

Budget – While installing new flooring may appear to be a big investment, the flooring in your home can last a long time while increasing your home’s value.

Function – With so many floor covering options, when choosing your flooring it is important to consider your lifestyle habits and the function of the room the flooring will be in. For rooms such as kitchen and bathrooms that are prone to having water spilled on the floors, choosing a flooring that water, mildew and stain resistant is a good option.

Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling understands the importance of selecting the perfect flooring. Our expert staff has over 20 years of experience helping families in Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda and surrounding areas, find the flooring that not only brightens each room but adds value to their property.


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