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Whether you just bought a new house or are ready to give your current home a fresh new look and style, home remodeling offers many opportunities to transform your home to match your personal taste and lifestyle!  At Wetherington Restoration and Remodeling, we provide remodeling services in North Port and surrounding areas.  We have helped many homeowners in the North Port area create and design their dream homes and we can help you too!  From kitchen and bathrooms to flooring and more, we can help you update any area of your home into the perfect living space. Contact us today to get started.

remodeling services north port

Popular Home Remodeling Styles

Everyone has different tastes and styles and your home should be no exception when it comes to showcasing your unique style and personality!  Whether you enjoy a more traditional look, a contemporary/modern style, or a warm and cozy rustic environment, there are endless designs and styles to choose from when it comes to your interior design.  Some homeowners also enjoy combining elements from different styles to achieve their ideal look!



Modern homes employ a sense of calm, simplicity. With sleek design elements, clean, crisp lines, and simple color schemes, a modern home is a great interior design option for those looking to keep thing clean and simple. 



Rustic design provides you with a warm and cozy environment. Featuring elements such as wood ceiling beams, painted cabinets, and stone flooring, rustic designs give off a natural design look.



Traditional interior design entails more depth, layering and details.  Homes with a traditional style often utilize rich color schemes, a variety of textures and elegant accessory details, materials and patterns.



Chic designs feature a soft and delicate atmosphere while employing simple fixtures and decors, vintage inspired furnishings, and a white, cream and pastel color scheme.

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